Cataract \ Jaypee Gold Standard Mini Atlas Series® Manual Small Incision Cataract Surgery (MSICS) :
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Manual Small Incision Cataract Surgery (MSICS) has improved significantly with the passage of time. Similar visual results can be obtained as with phaco with much lesser costs. Being proficient in MSICS not only makes the ophthalmologist independent of machine technology but also it has many other advantages as it is very useful in difficult situations like hard cataracts. Proficiency in MSICS makes the transition to phacoemulsification much easy. The book is mainly dedicated to describe several manual techniques including nuclear manipulation or fragmentation, fragment extraction, strategies in the use of several viscoelastic devices, the use of an anterior chamber maintainer, etc. A whole chapter on complications and their avoidance is also included. In other words, the reader will find many ideas to either learn or enrich from his manual small incision cataract surgery mini atlas. This Mini Atlas of MSICS contains 15 chapters covering various techniques of MSICS beautifully by International Masters of this field. All MSICS techniques are described with more figures step by step for better understanding. This Mini Atlas on MSICS shall be invaluable companion to ophthalmologists as ready reckoner in operation theatre and clinical OPD for quick review.

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BookAuthor:  Garg Ashok , L Fry Luther , Sahu Amulya , Gutiérrez-Carmona Francisco J , Ravindra MS Version :
Publisher : Jaypee PublishDate :   2008 ISBN 9788184482768
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