Cornea \ Keratoconus When, Why and Why Not-A Step-by-Step Systematic Approach :
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Keratoconus is one of the ectatic corneal diseases. It is a common disease and its prevalence is increasing day by day due to the big development in diagnostic tools. Therefore, diagnosis of the disease and other ectatic corneal diseases is not that problem nowadays, but the most important issue now is classifying and grading the disease in order to be on the right way towards proper management(s). Managements have also developed and many new modalities are available now. All these things do make a mess which needs to be ordered in a systematic and academic manner, hence the aim of this book. This book (as its author usually is) is unique in its way in presenting the facts and concluding the simplest ways for approaching the patient, depending on flow charts, high-quality illustrations and characterizing tables. This book consists of 4 chapters: Chapter 1 is about Classifications, Chapter 2 about Managements, Chapter 3 on Study Cases, and chapter 4 has been put to make sense of all those skills that the readers have gained, the chapter is presented in an entertainment method to exchange knowledge and skills between readers and the author.

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BookAuthor:  Sinjab Mazen M Version :
Publisher : Jaypee PublishDate :   2012 ISBN 9789350259221
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