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This book is an inexpensive, simple but comprehensive International Pocket Manual of Ophthalmic Drugs and Dosages that may be available on every clinic desk or carried around in lab coat pocket comfortably. This manual is complete with all classes of drugs as well as their individual dosages currently and historically available to ophthalmologists. This book has been prepared to provide reliable, succinct and rapid access to objective drug information and facilitate therapeutic decision making. Every effort has been made to incorporate the latest advances made in different branches of ocular therapeutics. This manual is designed in a pharmacotherapeutic format with emphasis on drug entities, commercial product information and specific formulation availability. This manual is useful for nurse practitioners, pharmacists, residents and medical officers but experienced practicing ophthalmologists as well will find this pocket manual of daily value in their practices.

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BookAuthor:  Garg Ashok Version :
Publisher : Jaypee PublishDate :   2005 ISBN 9788180614897
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