Glaucoma \ Mastering the Techniques of Glaucoma Diagnosis and Management :
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This book titled Mastering the Techniques of Glaucoma Diagnosis and Management has 76 excellent chapters divided into four sections. Section I beautifully covers the anatomy, pathophysiology, and diagnostic procedures for glaucoma. Latest techniques specially DCT, SWAP, laser polarimetry and OCT are worth mentioning. Section II essentially covers the various options available in glaucoma management including medical, non-invasive, surgical and laser procedures. This section covers all the surgical and laser techniques in a comprehensive and well-planned manner. Section III elaborates the glaucoma complications and management which is vital for the visual outcome of the patient. Section IV impresses me as it covers recent advances and future hopes in glaucoma management. A number of minimally-invasive glaucoma procedures are explained in a precise manner by International Masters of this field. It provides comprehensive and latest information of glaucoma packed in a single book for the ophthalmologists worldwide.

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Publisher : Jaypee PublishDate :   2006 ISBN  9788180617584
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