Refractive Surgery \ Mastering the Techniques of Presbyopia Surgery :
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This book has been written to provide latest knowledge on modern lens and corneal based Refractive techniques for Presbyopic correction to ophthalmologists who are interested in Presbyopic surgery practice. The whole text has been divided into 4 sections. Leading experts from around the world discuss presbyopic as a condition and look at appropriate preoperative evaluation of and considerations in recommender treatments for the presbyopic patients. Section 2 deals with a rich variety of techniques for correcting presbyopia like lenticular, corneal and scleral approaches to restoring accommodation or preudoaccomodation. Section 3 deals with LASIK complications and their management. Section 4 incorporates recent advances and future considerations in presbyopia correction.

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BookAuthor:  Garg Ashok , Hoyos Jairo E, Urzua Guillermo Avalos ,Pinelli Roberto ,Mehta Keiki R , Piovella Matteo Version :
Publisher : Jaypee PublishDate :   2006 ISBN 9788180615788
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