Investigations \ A Visual Field Evaluation with Automated Devices :
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This book on A Visual Field Evaluation with Automated Devices and Detection of Glaucoma Field Defects with Humphrey Field Analyzer/Swap/ FDT-Matrix. It is very difficult for an ophthalmologist, practicing alone in a semirural area to bring such a textbook, unless he has some commitment. In that way Dr GR Reddy has dedicated himself to understand the art of perimetry thoroughly and fulfill the long felt need of a simple textbook on automated perimetry for general ophthalmologists. All the chapters from fundamentals of perimetry to interpretation, visual field loss in glaucoma, follow-up, etc. are well-covered with necessary visual field printouts, all from his own clinical experience. Moreover it is written in a very simple way which can be understood by all. This book will be an useful guide for those who want to understand the automated visual field and practice glaucoma. This book will be a boon for general ophthalmologists and postgraduate students.

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BookAuthor:  Reddy GR Version : Second Edition
Publisher : Jaypee PublishDate :   2006 ISBN 9788180616563
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