Cornea \ Aravind’s Atlas of Fungal Corneal Ulcers : Clinical Features and Laboratory Identificatiion Methods :
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Fungal corneal ulcers are an important cause of ocular morbidity throughout the world. The recent epidemic in the western world has ensured that it is now recognized universally to be a public health problem. The importance of microbiological techniques to confirm the diagnosis and thereby to plan for an appropriate therapy cannot be over emphasized. In this book, the clinical features and the descriptive microbiological details of the fungi isolated from different corneal ulcers are described. It contains excellent colour photographs with descriptive text and cover more than 20 fungi that are medically important and are commonly associated with corneal ulcers. It presents up-to date knowledge on clinical presentation, diagnosis, laboratory techniques and treatment modalities of various fungal corneal ulcers. Overall this atlas intends to serve as a practical guide for ophthalmologist and microbiologist, when confronted with clinical cases of fungal corneal ulcer.

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BookAuthor:  Prajna Lalitha, Vijayakumar, Prajna N Venkatesh, Srinivasan M Version :
Publisher : Jaypee PublishDate :   2008 ISBN 9788184483659
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