Cornea \ Deep Anterior Lamellar Keratoplasty : Different Strokes :
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Deep anterior lamellar keratoplasty (DALK) is the mainstay of treatment for corneal pathologies sparing the endothelium. This lamellar surgery has undergone a revolution in the past decades. Various techniques and their modifications have been described to make it safe and reproducible so that it can be performed not only by experts but also the novice corneal transplant surgeons. This book describes the evolution of DALK, indications, preoperative evaluation, the various methods of performing DALK and the postoperative outcomes. The issues related to procurement of donor corneas for such cases are discussed. The “different strokes” in DALK include the conventional Melles and the “Big bubble” technique and also the newer modifications such as “Double bubble” technique, cannula assisted DALK, groove and peel technique as well as diamond blade-guided DALK. The different types of modifications presented by eminent lamellar corneal transplant surgeons from all over the world, in this book are an endeavor to make DALK feasible by all corneal transplant surgeons.

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BookAuthor:  Jhanji Vishal, Sharma Namrata, Vajpayee Rasik B Version :
Publisher : Jaypee PublishDate :    2012 ISBN 9789350256329
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