Refractive Surgery \ Lasik and Lasik Complications :
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In addition to these medically oriented chapters, there are some other chapters that serve as a “blueprint” for the successful operation of a refractive surgery center. These chapters include tips for effective internal and external marketing; how to understand and react to local market forces; insights into the psyche of the refractive surgery patient; and guidelines for proper front desk and technical procedures. There are numerous chapters wherein each expert has provided instruction in, and the nuances to, his/her own LASIK technique. Complicated cases as well as the detailed medical/surgical approach that led to a successful final outcome, are also presented. The refractive surgery community by compiling this unique book. LASIK technique has not only gained popularity and acceptance in the world, but it seems to confirm, along time, its efficacy and safety. Quick recovery, absence of pain and outstanding outcomes are the reasons of the continuous success of LASIK treatment. Also the Presby-LASIK is now entering in the chapter of presbyopia correction with elegance and scientific evidence, for the treatment of emmetropes-presbyopia, myop-presbyops and hyperopic-presbyops. Finally, the creation of a thin-flap (using mechanical microkeratome or femtosecond laser) has recently gained wide acceptance among the scientific world and the general population. This book shows the LASIK personal techniques of worldwide experts (Section 2), including a series of clinical cases of LASIK complications and their solution (Section 3). In this way the reader can have a complete overview of the whole world of LASIK in order to become confident with his surgical technique of refractive surgery.

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