Eye Examination \ Manual of Ophthalmic Diagnosis :
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This book Manual of Ophthalmic Diagnosis covering current knowledge and summarized details of clinical ophthal­mology is of immense value to residents, ophthalmolo­gists, postgraduates and practising ophthal­molo­gists is extremely useful for day-to-day clinical work. With this view in mind the author embarks on preparing the present small but compact volume. After a brief grounding in essential anatomy provided only with a suitable illustration as and when necessary, causes, salient clinical characteristics, diffe­rential diagnosis and investigation-strategy have been described following a definite format. As many as possible coloured, black and white photographs and diagrams are incorporated. An exhaustive index has been prepared by the author.

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BookAuthor:  Ahmed E Version : First Edition
Publisher : Jaypee PublishDate :   2005 ISBN 9788180614873
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