Cataract \ Mastering the PHACO CHOP :
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Cataract surgery is a amalgam of fine art and advanced science that requires a high level of surgical expertise. To become a good phaco surgeon one not only requires an in-depth theoretical knowledge and awareness about the various techniques of cataract surgery but must adopt preferred surgical practice patterns as learnt from the “pioneers” of this technique. It is difficult to understand current techniques of modern phacoemulsification surgery due to lack of advanced training and audio-visual resources in most of our medical institutions. The nucleus management is the most important component of modern phacoemulsification surgery. Although numerous voluminous textbooks are available on phacoemulsification, clear and demonstrative understanding of various nucleus management techniques is still lacking. In this text, outlined the various types of nuclear cracking and chopping techniques which can be used by the phaco surgeon. In addition to the nucleus management, pre-phaco procedures and surgery in several difficult situations has also been covered. Special emphasis has been given to practical information which can be easily adopted by the reader. Includes the “Masters of Phacoemulsification” from India and abroad and the reader will gain immensly from viewing the different personal surgical techniques. This reference book will serve as a useful guide and help both the trainee as well as the adept in improving the skill of cataract surgery and thereby providing a better standard of patient care.

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BookAuthor:  Dada Tanuj, Dada Vijay K, Sethi Harinder S, Dhawan Munish Version :
Publisher : Jaypee PublishDate :   2007 ISBN 9788180619014
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