Refractive Surgery \ Mastering the Presbyopic Surgery Lenses and Phakic IOLs :
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The present International book has been formated with an aim to provide complete uptodate information regarding presbyopia lenses and phakic IOLs. Forty-nine chapters of this book have been written by Internationally known Refractive Surgeons who are masters in Lenticular Refractive Surgery field. Detailed information regarding history, various types of presbyopia lenses and phakic IOLs, surgical techniques, complication management, recent advances and insight into future possibilities have been provided into this book in a comprehensive manner. Futuristic technique for restoring near vision function by refilling the capsular bag with a deformable gel (injectable polymer) is specially included in this book. With ongoing research works and modifications in presbyopic lenses and phakic IOLs, lenticular refractive and presbyopia surgery shall be available in the armamentarium of every refractive surgeon to correct entire range of refractive errors to provide safe and stable refractive vision in near future. This book shall be desktop reference for refractive surgeons worldwide.

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BookAuthor:  Garg Ashok , Rosen Emanuel , Lin JT , Goes Frank Jozef , Lovisolo Carlo F , Malyugin Boris Version :
Publisher : Jaypee PublishDate :   2007 ISBN 9788184480764
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