Investigations \ Anterior Segment Imaging in Ophthalmology :
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The present book has been developed keeping these goals in mind. The purpose is to present a text and atlas with video assisted teaching so that it can be put into practical use by the reader. We have incorporated three anterior segment imaging techniques comprising the UBM, ASOCT and Pentacam. The principle, technique of examination, hardware, clinical applications in each ophthalmic subspecialty, comparisons with other technologies and current limitations have been included. A review of literature highlighting the updated index publications on each technique has also been incorporated. The detailed text is supported by numerous clinical photographs with examples of various clinical conditions.

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BookAuthor:  Dada Tanuj, Gadia Ritu, Vengayil Sujith, Aggarwal Anand, Sihota Ramanjit Version : First Edition
Publisher : Jaypee PublishDate :   2007 ISBN 9788184481464
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