Cataract \ Atlas of Cataract Surgery :
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This book is a guide to budding cataract surgeons particularly the postgraduate students and upcoming ophthalmic surgeons, as this book mainly deals with the practical aspects of present day cataract surgery with photographic and diagrammatic illustrations. Include some of the special situations in which cataract surgery would be a challenge to the upcoming surgeons. The recent advances in cataract surgery were also described in brief at the end. In this atlas of cataract surgery we have dealt with the various aspects of SICS and phacoemulsification. In section-1 we have discussed briefly about preoperative evaluation, operating room setup, some of the aspects in cataract surgery in common for SICS and phacoemulsification. In section-2 different methods of SICS have been described with the necessary photographs and diagrams. In section-3 some of the practical tips have been mentioned for surgeons beginning phacoemulsification after they are well versed with SICS. The phacoemulsifier and the various techniques of nucleus management in phacoemulsification have been described. In section-4 cataract surgery in special situations , the important complications of cataract surgery and their management are dealt with. A brief mention of the recent advances in cataract surgery has been made in this section.

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BookAuthor:  Reddy K Ravi Kumar, Satyavani P Version :
Publisher : Jaypee PublishDate :   2008 ISBN 9788184483185
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