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Increase your practice’s profitability while significantly decreasing patient wait times with the most complete process improvement program designed specifically for ophthalmology. “After three months [using lean], we improved our patient satisfaction scores to 10 out of 10 [and] reduced average visit time for patients by 48 percent. The practice saw 23 percent growth.” – Jose Agustin Martinez MD, Austin Retina Associates You are challenged every day to do more with less. Lean practice management is a simple yet transformative methodology that enables you to not only meet the challenge, but to thrive. Using “kaizen” (a cycle of continuous improvement defined as: Plan > Do > Check > Act), lean management creates the greatest value by empowering front-line staff, streamlining clinic flow and rigorously reducing patient wait times – all without additional staff or resources. The Lean Practice features: clear instructions case studies downloadable worksheets and other tools These tools will help you: Observe and assess your practice process from the patient’s perspective; Employ continuous improvement in your practice; Empower your staff to quickly try and implement solutions that eliminate delays and lost revenue; Improve clinic flow and scheduling based on your practice data; End work days on time and significantly reduce stress among physicians, staff and patients. Walk step-by-step through three sections: Section 1: Create and Empower the Front-Line Team Gauge the current state of your practice and develop tools to increase revenue, practice efficiency and patient satisfaction Section 2: Create the Lean Team Space A deep dive into building a dedicated team around a physician, and the power of visual communication in the clinic Section 3: The Integrated Lean Clinic Implement transformational strategies to improve scheduling, streamline clinic flow and create more physician time for patients

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