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Basic Vision: An Introduction to Visual Perception demystifies the processes through which we see the world. Written by three authors with over eighty years of research and undergraduate teaching experience between them, the book leads students step by step through the various elements that come together in our perception of size, color, motion, and three-dimensional space. It illustrates the intricacy of the visual system, discussing its development during infancy, and revealing how the brain can get it wrong, either as a result of brain damage, through which the network of processes become compromised, or through illusion, where the brain compensates for mixed messages by seeing what it thinks should be there, rather than conveying the reality. The book also demonstrates the importance of contemporary techniques and methodology, and neuroscience-based techniques in particular, in driving forward our understanding of the visual system. DISTINCTIVE FEATURES * Engaging writing style captures the excitement of recent research * Engaging boxes take students deeper into the subject, offering further explanations of key concepts * Full-color artwork conveys important principles in a visually stimulating way

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BookAuthor:  Robert Snowden (Author), Peter Thompson (Author), Tom Troscianko (Author) Version : Revised Edition - Original PDF
Publisher : Oxford University Press PublishDate :   April 30, 2012 ISBN 978-0199572021
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