Glaucoma \ Glaucoma A Neurodegenerative Disease of the Retina and Beyond Part A :
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Glaucoma: A Pancitopatia of the Retina and Beyond, Volume 257, the latest release in the Progress in Brain Research series, highlights new advances in the field, with this new volume presenting interesting chapters written by an international board of authors. Chapters in this volume include the Genetics of glaucoma, Artificial intelligence and deep learning in glaucoma detection and monitoring, The role of commensal microflora-induced T cells responses in glaucoma neurodegeneration, Retinal cell death in experimental glaucoma, Experimental and clinical evidence on the neuroprotective properties of Citicoline in glaucoma, Glaucoma neurodegeneration and myopia, Neuronal regeneration with pluripotent stem cells in glaucoma, and more. Covers all key aspects of current research on glaucoma Provides extensively referenced chapters, giving readers a comprehensive list of resources on topics covered Includes comprehensive and in-depth background information written in a clear form that is accessible to both specialists and non-specialists

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BookAuthor:  Giacinto Bagetta (Editor), Carlo Nucci (Editor) Version : First Edition - Original PDF
Publisher :  Elsevier PublishDate :   September 22, 2020 ISBN 978-0128211069
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