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Ophthalmology, like all other branches of medical sciences, has taken giant strides in the recent past. This book is an attempt to provide fundamentals of ophthalmology to the undergraduate medical student. It deals with basic concepts as well as recent advances. The beauty of the book is preservation of the underlying simplicity of the work while incorporating crucial but complex material lucubrated from latest research, investigations and inquiries in this ever expanding field. The first few chapters are devoted to providing the reader with a knowledge of the basic sciences relevant to the eye. Subsequently, each structure of the eye is discussed in a concise manner, with regards to its anatomy, various diseases and their management. The causes and prevention of blindness are discussed separately and finally the last chapter is devoted to ophthalmic instruments with a sketch and brief description of each instrument. The medical student is sometimes bombarded with the alarming multiplication of information. This book will definitely satisfy the queries of the students in a simple and precise manner.

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BookAuthor:  Jogi Renu Version : Fourth Edition
Publisher : Jaypee PublishDate :   2009 ISBN 9788184484519
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