IOLs \ Birth of the Intraocular Lens :
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This book is dedicated to the newer generation of cataract surgeons so that they can appreciate those pioneers who fought long and hard to have implant surgery approved by the federal government and the academic world. Describes the first malpractice case against an implant surgeon who was charged with deviating from accepted community standards by inserting an implant after the cataract had been removed. This was a landmark case that changed the definition of “community.” The renowned authors have created an operation that has improved the quality of life for more human beings than any other in the history of medicine and surgery. Contains 10 chapters namely, Origin of the Concept of Intraocular Lenses: An 18th Century Insight; Where the Modern IOL was Born; The American Experience; The Story of the Intraocular Lens; The Canadian Experience; Watching History Unfold; The Israeli Connection; Anesthesia in Cataract Surgery; IOLs for Presbyopia: A Brush with the Future, etc.

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BookAuthor:  Herve M. Byron, Reshmi Chandrappa S, Hirschman Henry Version :
Publisher : Jaypee PublishDate :   2008 ISBN 9788184482355
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