Uveitis & Ocular Infections \ Clinical Diagnosis and Management of AIDS (HIV) in Eye :
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This multi-authored book has been written to impart knowledge to ophthalmologist in details about this dreaded disease which is spreading worldwide at the alarming rate. In this International Book there are 21 comprehensive chapters written by International Masters of this field covering all aspects from anatomy, pathophysiology of AIDS, investigations, various treatment modalities and recent advances, all treatment options including the latest drugs and injection therapy with complete pharmacotherapeutics have been included in this book for better clinical management of ophthalmic HIV infections. We are greatly indebted to all the contributors who are International experts in this field who have contributed their experience in the forms of chapters in a short span of time. This book has been written in a true team spirit. Hopeful this book will be useful companion to ophthalmologists dealing with HIV ophthalmic infections in their clinical practice.

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BookAuthor:  Ashok Garg, Cousins Scott W, Mody Kirit, David Meyer Version :
Publisher : Jaypee PublishDate :   2006 ISBN 9788180618253
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