Investigations \ Corneal Topography in Clinical Practice (Pentacam System) :
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Tacking the right decision in laser refractive surgeries depends to a great extent on the very good reading of corneal topography and its clinical interpretation. This is very essential to achieve the aimed results and to avoid post operative complications. This book concentrates on corneal topography of the very advanced machine “The Pentacam HR”. Basics of corneal topography are well discussed in details according to Pentacam system. The importance of this book comes from the high correlation between basics and clinical interpretation. Data in this book were obtained and gathered from the user manual of the Pentacam, international conferences, refractive journals, personal contacts with many refractive professors, and of course self experience. The strategy in compiling this book is combining excellence in pictorial quality with a concise but ordered text. This book is aimed at all those who need some initial assistance in how to read and interpret corneal topography. There are sure to be some errors, as the ophthalmology editor, I take full responsibility for these and look forward to being further educated. The scientific material in this book is ordered into six sections and twenty chapters.

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BookAuthor:  Sinjab Mazen M Version : First Edition
Publisher : Jaypee PublishDate :   2009 ISBN 9788184486544
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