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Diabetes leads to progressive damage to the retinal blood vessels resulting in diabetic retinopathy that makes nearly 2% of the affected people blind and 10% visually handicapped. A number of multicentric trials including Diabetes Control and Complications Trial and United Kingdom Prospective Diabetes Study have shown very clearly that a good metabolic control can delay or prevent the occurrence of these complications. A concise and accurate information on all aspects of diabetic retinopathy to initiate the beginners into practicing the management of these patients. The aim of this book is to provide current concepts and a better understanding of diabetic retinopathy. Based on the authors’ extensive clinical experiences, the text enables the readers to understand the disease process and management strategies - current as well as emerging. The readers are encouraged to go through ‘suggested reading’ given at the end of the book for first hand information. An attempt to provide a comprehensive, profusely illustrative and easy to follow format to encourage the comprehensive ophthalmologists as well as the residents in training to start practicing diabetic retinopathy care and contribute towards the most ambitious “Diabetes Action Now” campaign of the World Health Organization.

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BookAuthor:  Gupta Vishali, Gupta Amod, Dogra MR, Singh Ramandeep Version :
Publisher : Jaypee PublishDate :   2007 ISBN 9788180619298
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