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Corneal topography is a comprehensive examination technique used in the study of the cornea, as well as for monitoring postoperative progress following refractive surgery. This book has been made through the exercise of analyzing thought and letting it work towards constructive scientific achievement however big or small. The study of the mountains and the lakes gives us the topography of the land, and it was thus scientists searching for better and better means to record the topography of the cornea that lead to the corneal topography exercise becoming an invaluable tool in the eye surgeon’s armamentarium. This updated edition highlights the importance of this type of examination in all areas of ophthalmology. This book contains 12 chapters comprising of fundamentals of corneal topography, Orbscan and its diagnosis system, anterior keratoconus, posterior corneal changes in refractive surgery, throwing light on a new refractive entity Aberropia, corneal topography in cataract surgery and phakonit with optic rollable IOL.

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BookAuthor:  Agarwal Sunita , Agarwal Athiya , Agarwal Amar Version : Second Edition
Publisher : Jaypee PublishDate :   2006 ISBN 9788180617508
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