Eyelid & Oculoplasty \ Dr Agarwals’ Step by Step Oculoplastic Surgery :
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In this book the subject matter contained herein is an ideal collection of topics on the subject that all practitioners dealing with ocular plastic surgery will find most useful in their practice. It is a most practical manuscript dealing with the common diagnosis in this field. Explains diseases most encountered in this discipline along with their management. Contains beautifully laid out information in a step by step fashion that is easy to read and resultantly easy to implement in the treatment of patients. Oculoplastic surgery is an essential part of clinical ophthalmology that no ophthalmologist can afford to ignore. A detailed knowledge of the applied anatomy and the disease, apart from the knowledge of the procedure itself, is essential in performing even the simpler oculoplastic procedures. The book proceeds to equip the readers with all they need to tackle these cases. The surgical procedures which are described in detail are accompanied with very useful diagrams. This book is also complete with the recent advances in lasers assisted blepharoplasty, botulinum toxin and face lifts which are fast gaining acceptance worldwide. On the whole book will prove to be invaluable to all ophthalmologists.

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BookAuthor:  Agarwal Sunita , Agarwal Athiya , Agarwal Amar Version :
Publisher : Jaypee PublishDate :   2005 ISBN 9788180614651
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