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This book provides a basic understanding of the environment for successful contact lens fitting. Building upon these basic scientific principles, specific areas of contact lens applications are then sorted out. The carefully chosen chapter subjects deal with specific problem areas, which are often encountered, in the clinical setting. With a problem-solving methodology in mind, tactics of fitting contact lenses are then discussed. The first section covers this area, while the second section goes into the details of the various kinds of lenses and the methodology of fitting. The chapter on contact lenses for children will be especially useful for the ophthalmologists. The third section covers all the other msicellaneous topics. Each chapter is practical, instructive and, above all, valuable in a rational sense. The “step by step” approach adopted by all the authors adds a unique, physician-orientated methodology, which is easily appreciated by the reader. The goal of providing one textbook, which can serve as a reference for practicing ophthalmologists to perfect their ability to use contact lenses for a multitude of therapeutic applications, is skillfully achieved.

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BookAuthor:  Agarwal Sunita , Agarwal Athiya , Agarwal Amar Version :
Publisher : Jaypee PublishDate :   2005 ISBN 9788180614521
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