Retina \ Foundations in Vitreoretinal Diseases Diabetic Eye Diseases :
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This book covers all aspects of diabetic retinopathy in a detailed but understandable manner for the general ophthalmologists and retinal specialists. The authors have combined their own wealth of experience and included the most recent up-to-date advancements in the field in a single comprehensive volume. Diabetes is a complex multifactorial disease. Progressive retinopathy is the cause of visual loss in patients with diabetes mellitus though; hearty structures of the eye get affected. This book compiles the current information from leading ophthalmologists and physicians regarding both diabetes and the associate eye diseases. All information incorporated in the book is based on the evidence collected over years in medical literature. The emphasis has been on elaborating the accepted standard of care. The book has 15 chapters and deals with all aspects of diabetic retinopathy including the primary disease (Diabetes mellitus, Chapter 1), treatment options (Medical care, Laser, and Surgery, Chapter 8), rehabilitation (Chapter 13) and the important clinical trials (Chapter 15). The book is adequately illustrated and provided with easy-to-read tables, and box-information.

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BookAuthor:  Das Taraprasad , Rani Alka Version :
Publisher : Jaypee PublishDate :   2006 ISBN  9788180618406
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