Glaucoma \ Gonioscopy A Text and Atlas :
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This reference book has been conceived to serve as an office companion for practicing ophthalmologists and residents to train them in the art and science of gonioscopy. It covers the basic principles of gonioscopy, indications for use, various types of gonioscopes, technique of gonioscopy, normal angle anatomy, special techniques for dynamic gonioscopy and includes various pathological conditions which can alter the anatomy of the anterior chamber angle. In addition to a detailed text with schematic diagrams, colour photographs of the anterior chamber angle are given in the text, so that the reader can have an in depth understanding of normal and abnormal anterior chamber angle. This book will provide a useful reference text and practical information for all those interested in mastering the art of gonioscopy and help in improving the standard of care for glaucoma patients.

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BookAuthor:  Dada Tanuj Version :
Publisher : Jaypee PublishDate :   2006 ISBN 9788180616464
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