Refractive Surgery \ Jaypee Gold Standard Mini Atlas Series Lasik :
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Mini Atlas on LASIK has basically been written by keeping in mind that one is nowadays extremely busy to read big books. One needs a small mini atlas which explains with figures and photos how one can perform LASIK and how to manage complications of LASIK. This book has been divided into 4 sections. The first section covers how to preoperatively assess the patient. Examination by the Orbscan, Anterior Segment OCT or Pentacam are all covered in this section. The second section covers Lasik, Wavefront Guided Lasik and also Femtosecond Lasers. The third section helps you to overcome the complications with Lasik. The final section covers Miscellaneous Topics which includes other alternatives to LASIK.

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BookAuthor:  Agarwal Amar , Agarwal Athiya , Jacob Soosan Version :
Publisher : Jaypee PublishDate :   2009 ISBN 9788184485295
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