Cornea \ Jaypee Gold Standard Mini Atlas Series® Diseases of the Cornea :
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This Color ATLAS covers the various common and not so common corneal diseases in ophthalmology which are faced by all level of ophthalmologists. Over 600 photographs, shot from various angles spreading over 12 chapters have been included to identify the common conditions starting from congenital anomalies to contact lens-related corneal disorders. It starts with the chapter on Evaluation and Slit lamp examination of the cornea. It ends with the diseases of the sclera which is equally important to a cornea specialist. The textual outline next to each photograph is concise and lucid, and also includes the treatment outline in each case. This book is intended to create a photographic bridge between the undergraduates, postgraduate trainees, fellows and comprehensive ophthalmologists. This will serve as a pocket ready reckoner in cornea in common as well as rare clinical situation.

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BookAuthor:  Basak Samar K Version :
Publisher : Jaypee PublishDate :   2011 ISBN 9789350252611
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