Ophthalmic Nursing \ Care of the Ophthalmic Patient :
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Whilst this book is primarily compiled for nurses who care for patients with eye disease, it will be useful to other health professionals who are also interested in the holistic ca re of such patients, e.g. opticians, orthop­ tists, social workers and junior medical staff. The care is presented as a systematic approach to the more common actual and potential problems. Typically, a problem is identified with a desired outcome and the nursing interventions possible to achieve this. Evaluation has not been included as this is dependent on an identified time limit for outcomes to be achieved which is individual to each patient. Part One covers the general aspects of ophthalmie care in the various situations where patients are nursed, e.g. casualty, theatre, wards. Part Two is based on a medical model, where each section of the eye is studied separately; the applied physiology of that part of the eye; the more common conditions affecting it; the possible medical management of the condition and the nursing care of the patient taking into account the medical prescription. The list of medical conditions is not exhaus­ tive, and only a general guideline of medical management is given as far as it influences nursing care. A list of widely available books for further reference to ocular pathology and medical management is given in the Appendix.

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BookAuthor:  John P. Perry (Author), Andrew B. Tullo (Author) Version : First Edition - Original PDF
Publisher : Springer PublishDate :   January 1, 1990 ISBN 978-0412326301
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