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Cataract surgery requires a high level of surgical expertise. To master the current techniques of modern cataract surgery one requires an indepth theoretical knowledge about this technique. This is learnt from the masters of this technique. A skill transfer from the experts to the trainee surgeons which is best achieved through a video provided with this text. This book represents an all in one about techniques of cataract surgery viz. manual small incision cataract surgery, standard phacoemulsification, micro-incision (phakonit) and pediatric cataract surgery. It contains complete information related to the instruments, machines, surgical techniques, intraocular lenses, new laser and non-laser phaco technologies, difficult situations, prevention, management of complications and combined procedures. Video clips related to each surgical technique have been added which makes it to appear as a video-assisted instruction course of immense utility to the reader. This textbook will serve as guide and help to both the trainee as well as the specialist in improving the skill of cataract surgery and to provide better standard of patient care.

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BookAuthor:  Amar Agarwal, Mahipal S Sachdev, Harinder S Sethi, Ritu Gadia Version : First Edition - Original DVD
Publisher : Jaypee PublishDate :   2007 ISBN 9788180617553
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