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This is an updated and throughly revised edition of a well established and a unique integrated book on anatomy and physiology of the eye. To enhance the lucidity and aesthetics the second edition of the book has been transformed from a black and white monograph to a fully coloured one. Though written primarily for postgraduate degree and diploma students in ophthalmology it is hoped that this book will also prove useful for the postgraduates from the disciplines of anatomy and physiology. It provides complete and up-to-date material in simple language and lucide style. Salient Features are : The subject matter has been arranged over fourteen chapters in such a unique manner that it provides an opportunity for a continuous reading of interrelated text on anatomy and physiology of the eye. A brief list of the contents given in the beginning of each chapter provides a clear layout of the text. The text has been profusely illustrated with high quality computer drawn colour diagrams which provide vivid graphic details very lucidly.The exposition of the text is such that an average postgraduate student will find it easy to glean through it and assimilate facts for long retention.

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BookAuthor:  Khurana (Author) Version : Second Edition - Original PDF
Publisher : CBS Publisher PublishDate :   January 1, 2011 ISBN  978-8123912677
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