Pathology \ Eye Pathology An Atlas and Text, Third Edition :
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Here’s a perfect introduction to basic eye pathology that can easily be read and mastered during an ophthalmic pathology rotation. It provides effective, efficient preparation for OKAP examinations or Board certification in ophthalmology, and will also serve as a concise clinical reference in practice. Richly illustrated and masterfully written, this best-selling ophthalmology resource equips you to understand eye pathology. Key Features: Identify ocular diseases and disorders with the aid of more than 750 high-quality color illustrations. Master the latest knowledge in the field with thorough updates on abusive head trauma; spectral domain optical coherence tomography (SD-OCT); the revised IC3D classification of corneal dystrophies; IgG4-related disease; the genetics of melanoma and retinoblastoma; interpretation of lamellar keratoplasty specimens from DALK, DSEK, and refractive surgical procedures; ;; immunohistochemistry; and much more. Gauge your mastery of the material with more than 650 multiple-choice review questions online.

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BookAuthor:  Ralph C. Eagle Jr. MD (Author) Version : Third Edition - Original PDF
Publisher : LWW PublishDate :   November 3, 2016 ISBN 978-1496337177
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