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The goal of this book is to offer readers essential information on the morphological features of ophthalmic surgical instruments, their possible uses, and intraoperative handling of the standard and latest instrumentation across ophthalmology subspecialties. Detailed content on basic and advanced instruments for both anterior and posterior segment surgeries is also provided, helping readers use them in the most effective and efficient manner. This handy manual also provides valuable insights into proper sterilization techniques, suture materials, and common OR equipment and machines. The text is richly illustrated throughout. As part of the series “Current Practices in Ophthalmology”, this volume is intended for residents, fellows-in-training, generalist ophthalmologists, and specialists alike.

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BookAuthor:  Parul Ichhpujani (Editor), Manpreet Singh (Editor) Version : First Edition - Original PDF
Publisher : Springer PublishDate :   August 2, 2019 ISBN 978-9811376726
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