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A concise, easy-to-understand reference book, the revised and updated second edition of All about Your Eyes tells you what you need to know to care for your eyes and what to expect from your eye doctor. In this reliable guide, leading eye care experts: * explain eye anatomy and how healthy eyes work * describe various eye diseases, including pink eye, cataract, glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy * provide up-to-date information on surgery For each eye problem, the authors describe in simple, straightforward language: * what it is * the symptoms * what, if anything, you can do to prevent it * when to call the doctor * diagnostic tests and treatment * the likelihood of recovery All about Your Eyes includes a glossary of technical terms and, following each entry, links to websites where further information may be found.

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BookAuthor:  Sharon Fekrat (Editor), Tanya S. Glaser (Editor), Henry L. Feng (Editor) Version : Second Edition - Original PDF
Publisher : Duke University Press Books PublishDate :   June 18, 2021 ISBN 978-1478011606
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