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Volume 3 of our serial publication continues to address glaucoma with the same combination of science and speculation that characterized the prior two volumes. This collection of chapters was deliberately eclectic with both theoretical and clinical impact. Each chapter was chosen to help advance glaucoma research and to improve clinical care. All are meant to encourage speculation into the future while remaining scientifically sound. We remain well served by understanding that glaucoma is a neurodegenerative disease and that optic nerve dysfunction leads to visual loss. The trabecular meshwork remains highly relevant since intraocular pressure remains a major risk factor for the disease. Genetic mutations continue to yield puzzling clues to its still elusive cause(s). Our goal is to understand how the disease develops and progresses, which should pave the way toward our ultimate goal: to prevent the disease. There is no question that glaucoma is multifaceted, with ocular and systemic abnormalities leading to the classic ocular findings. The final pathways are complex and redundant. We look forward to a day when we can use therapies for the optic nerve and the trabecular meshwork which address the underlying cause of elevated pressure. It is our hope that the present volume gives the reader a better understanding of the current disease process and opens new directions for the future discoveries in glaucoma.

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