Cataract \ Complications During and After Cataract Surgery, Second Edition :
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Every cataract surgeon is afraid of complications, but while complications cannot be entirely avoided, it is possible to learn to master them. This practical book clearly explains how to manage the various complications that may arise during cataract surgery, from a subluxated intraocular lens to a dropped nucleus. It provides the surgeon with clear instructions on how best to proceed in the manner of a cookbook, by first describing the ingredients (equipment), preparation (planning) and then providing step-by-step descriptions of technique with the aid of numerous helpful color illustrations. Complications During and After Cataract Surgery: From Phacoemulsification over Secondary IOL Implantation to Dropped Nucleus, 2nd Edition includes fully revised chapters outlining technical developments and new chapters on trocar surgery from pars plana and surgical management of a dropped nucleus with a cataract machine. Readers wishing to learn techniques for managing a full range of potential complications will find this book to be an essential resource.

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BookAuthor:  Ulrich Spandau (Author), Gabor B. Scharioth (Author) Version : Second Edition - Original PDF
Publisher : Springer PublishDate :   18 April 2022 ISBN 978-3030935306
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