Retina \ Deep Convolutional Neural Network for The Prognosis of Diabetic Retinopathy :
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This book discusses a detailed overview of diabetic retinopathy, symptoms, causes, and screening methodologies. Using a deep convolution neural network and visualizations techniques, this work develops a prognosis system used to automatically detect the diabetic retinopathy disease from captured retina images and help improve the prediction rate of diagnosis. This book gives the readers an understanding of the diabetic retinopathy disease and recognition process that helps to improve the clinical analysis efficiency. It caters to general ophthalmologists and optometrists, diabetologists, and internists who encounter diabetic patients and most prevalent retinal diseases daily.

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BookAuthor:  A. Shanthini (Author), Gunasekaran Manogaran (Author), G. Vadivu (Author) Version : First Edition - Original PDF
Publisher : Springer PublishDate :   23 Aug. 2022 ISBN 978-9811938764
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