Retina \ Diabetic Macular Edema :
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The book focuses on diabetic macular edema and provides comprehensive practical knowledge on the subject. This timely book summarizes all the aspects of diabetic macular edema. The book is edited by leading authorities of vitreoretinal diseases having expertise in diabetic macular edema. It comprises over dozen chapters, authored by a subject authority in the world. Chapters provide diagnostic, medical and surgical approach. The book is clinically relevant, covers application of the latest clinical trials as well as application of novel imaging technologies. It includes uniquely structured chapters for easy learning. The book is beneficial to ophthalmic resident doctors, retina fellows and practicing retina specialists throughout the world.

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BookAuthor:  Sandeep Saxena (Editor), Gemmy Cheung (Editor), Timothy Y.Y. Lai (Editor), Srinivas R. Sadda (Editor) Version : First Edition - Original PDF
Publisher : Springer PublishDate :   27 Jan. 2023 ISBN 978-9811973062
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