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In Reversing Dry Eye Syndrome (Yale University Press 2007), ophthalmologist Steven Maskin introduced readers to Dry Eye syndrome, explaining what the syndrome is, why it occurs, and how it can best be managed and treated. In Your Dry Eye Mystery Solved, he reveals his recent discoveries and treatments for Meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD), an underlying disease that leads to Dry Eye syndrome and involves blockage of the oil-producing tear glands within the eyelids. Not only are these glands key to clear vision and comfortable eyes, but when disrupted they can cause severe pain and a host of related symptoms.

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BookAuthor:  Steven L. Maskin (Author), Natalia A. Warren (Author) Version : First Edition - EPUB
Publisher : Yale University Press PublishDate :   7 Jun. 2022 ISBN 978-0300250336
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