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This book is the first of its kind to present the engineering aspects of medical vision ophthalmology. It showcases an array of amazing systems and devices involving biomimetic microrobotics and artificial muscles. It introduces ophthalmology and the fundamentals of vision and discusses robotic surgical systems, implantable micropump assemblies, and synthetic muscle-based diaphragm pump apparatuses. It throws light on the surgical correction of ptosis by polymeric artificial muscles as well as systems and devices for correcting hyperopia, myopia, and presbyopia. The book also reviews synthetic muscle-based multi-powered active contact lenses, surgical correction of human-eye refractive errors using active composite artificial muscle implants, and double-accommodating intraocular accordion lens.

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BookAuthor:  Mohsen Shahinpoor (Author), David Soltanpour (Author), Parsa Shahinpoor (Author) Version : First Edition - Original PDF
Publisher : Jenny Stanford Publishing PublishDate :   26 April 2024 ISBN 978-9815129069
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